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Call for Paper - February - 2024 [Volume :13, Issue:02]

IJCRD Journals solicits original research papers for Online/Print Journal Publication.Authors are cordially invite to submit paper to the upcoming edition.The manuscript/paper can be submitted via email to :

The email must bear the subject line "IJCRD Journals Research Paper ". A maximum of 4 co-authors can participate in any IJCRD paper submission. A maximum of 6 pages are allowed for any paper/ manuscript. Manuscripts submitted to this journal will be deemed as they have not been published and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Research Area of IJCRD Journals Publication includes :

Ad Hoc & Sensor Network
Adaptive Control
Advanced numerical computation and optimisation
Applications of Computer Science in Modeling
Architectures and computation models, compiler, hardware and OS issues
Artificial intelligence
Automated Software Engineering & CASE
Bayesian Statistics
Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing
Biomedical Engineering
Cloud Computing and Applications
Cluster, grid and web-based computing and simulation
Compilers and Interpreters
Complex systems: modelling and simulation
Computational Intelligence
Computational Mathematics
Computational Modeling and Simulation in Science and Engineering
Computational Topology
Computer and microprocessor-based control
Computer Animation
Computer Architecture & VLSI
Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems
Computer Based Education
Computer Games, Graphics and Multimedia Simulation
Computer Graphics & Virtual Reality
Computer Graphics and Multimedia
Computer Modeling
Computer Networks
Computer Networks and Data Communication
Computer Security
Computer Simulation
Computer Vision
Computer-aided Design/Manufacturing
Computing Ethics
Computing Practices & Applications
Control Systems Data Communications
Data and Information Systems
Data Base Management
Data Compression
Data Encryption
Data Mining
Database Systems
Digital Forensic
Digital Library
Digital Signal and Image Processing
Digital System and Logic Design
Digital Systems
Distributed AI and Soft/Natural/ Neural Computing
Distributed and Parallel Processing
Distributed Systems E-commerce and E-governance
Embedded Systems
Emerging Computing technologies and applications
Ensemble Modeling
Event Driven Programming/ High Performance Computing
Expert Systems
Fault Tolerant & Reconfigurable computing systems
Graphics and Imaging
Hardware-software co-design and VLSI support
Human Computer Interaction
Image analysis and processing
Information Personalization
Information Retrieval
Information Systems
Internet and Distributed Computer Systems
Internet and Web Applications
Knowledge Data Engineering
Memory system, I-O, tools, programming environment and language supports
Mobile Computing
Mobile Computing and Applications
Mobile, Multimedia computing & cloud computing
Multimedia Applications
Natural Language Processing
Network Modeling and Simulation
Network Security & Cryptography Applications
Neural Networks
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Pattern Recognition
Performance modelling and evaluation
Pervasive Computing
Principle of Concurrency
Problem-solving environments
Programming Languages
Quantum Computing
Reconfigurable Computing Systems
Robotics and Automation Security & Cryptography
Robotics and Micro-Robotics
Robotics, Automation, Computer Vision Applications
Scientific and engineering computing
Semantic Web Technologies and Social Semantic Web
Sequential Decision Theory
Signal Processing
Social Network Mining
Social Networks and Online Communities
Software Engineering & CASE System Security
Software Life-cycle Management
Software Testing
System security and security technologies
Technology in Education
Technology in Education Technology Management
Theoretical Computer Science
Theoretical Informatics
Ubiquitous/Pervasive Networks and Computing
User interfaces and interaction models
Vision-based applications
Visualisation and virtual reality
Visualization and Multimedia
Wavelet Representations
Web Technologies
Wired/Wireless Sensor
Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing
Wireless Sensor Networks
Wireless technology

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