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             IJCRD Journals [Vol:4,Issue:3]  March - 2015

  • "Retinex based Color Constancy Algorithm for Cancerous Cell Detection under various Illuminations"
    Amrutha D. Pai, Vidya Kudva

  • " Adhesion study of Nickel over Carbon Fibers"
    Ravikiran Kamath B , Nithin Kumar

  • "Texture feature based Medicinal plant Recognition"
    Varuna Shree N , Punitha.P

  • " Indexing the Average Library Utilization Trend : A Case Study of SDM College Ujire"
    Ms. Rajatha, Dr. M K Bhandi, Mr. Sooryanarayana Bhat P

  • "Extraction of Hand Vein Patterns in Image Profiles"
    Naidile S.

    Alka Kumaran, Anibir Kaur Gandhi , Uma Mounika Karukonda, Vaishnavi Iyengar

  • "MATLAB Modeling,LTSpice simulation and Experimental Analysis of Electronic Ballast"
    Ankita Rathi, Shalu Vashisth

  • "Enhancement of Super Resolution Image by Support Vector Regression"
    Akshaya R. , Deivanai C. , Balamurali R. , Dr.A.Prasina ,SenthilKumar M.

  • " Performance in Channel Coding with OFDM System "
    Prof. Varunkumar B Mishra,Gayatri Tawade, Srushti Temkar , Ruchita Terse , Mugdha Walavalkar

  • "Natural Language Processing :A Machine Translation System for Indian Languages"
    Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh , Aditi Ghotikar , Soujanya Chaturvedula

  • "Hadoop Fair Sojourn Protocol Based Job Scheduling On Hadoop"
    Mr. Dileep Kumar J. S. Mr. Madhusudhan Reddy G. R

  • "Mitigating Data Skew Using Map Reduce Application"
    Ms. Archana P.M ,Mr. Malathesh S.H

  • "An Analysis of different Routing Algorithm over Large-Scale Dynamic Networks"
    Bijula T , Arathi B N , Sandhya B R

  • " Response Replicator Unit: To fight DDOS attacks"
    Pradeep Sadanand , Basavaraj Jakkali

  • "Implementation Of Offline Text-Independent Writer Identification Using SIFT and Partial Structure Model"
    Ms .Sowmya T.B, Mr.Malathesh S.H

  • "Spectrum sensing on Cognitive Radio Networks and communication"

  • "The Hadoop Distributed File System:Architecture and Internals"
    V. Sajwan , V. Yadav , Dr.M.Haider

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