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             IJCRD Journals [Vol:6,Issue:3]  March - 2017

  • "Cardiovascular Function Monitoring Using IOT and Cardiovascular Disease Prediction System "
    Mr. Madhu B G ,Dr. Mahesh Singh

  • "Using Shapes and Forms as Tools to increase the Productivity at Workplace "
    Ar. Radhika Pathak

  • "Social Tag Recommendation Based On Geo-Location "
    Dr. Sohan Kumar Gupta, M. Likhithashree, Monisha .P

  • "Optical Character Recognition Using Machine Learning "
    Abhilash Rejanair, Anand C Mathew, Dr. Sarojadevi H

  • "Contribution of GPS-Enabled Applications for Customized Tag Suggestion "
    Dr.Sohan Kumar Gupta, Sonali Saravanakumar, Sony Shakya

  • "A Survey of the Homomorphic Encryption Approach for Data Security in Cloud Computing "
    Dhananjaya .V ,Dr.Balasubramani .R ,Dr.JagadeeshGowda .K .S ,Naveen Ghorpade

  • "A Survey on Energy Efficient Clustering Protocols for Wireless Sensor Network "
    Naveen Ghorpade ,Dr. JagadeeshGowda .K .S ,Dhananjaya .V ,Lavanya .S .J

  • "Review Paper on Energy Optimal Method to Maximize Network Lifetime of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks"
    Naveen Ghorpade, Dr.JagadeeshGowda .K .S, Dhananjaya .V, Mahesh .S

  • "Synthesis of Near-regular Natural Textures"
    V Asha

  • Trends of observation on wells, Remedial measures and feasibility studies of Hoskote Taluk, Bangalore Rural District, Karnataka, India
    Dr. M. T. Maruthesha Reddy, Dr. Prabhakar B.C , Brungesh K V Akshatha M.R

  • "Security Problems and Strategy in Cloud Computing"
    Lochan B.

  • "Implementing CaaS Model for Cloud Consistency"

  • "Cyber Security Challenges and Future"
    Nayana Hegde , Savitha N.G

  • "A Survey on ICT impact on Education System"
    Dr.R.Kamatchi Nityashree Nadar

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